The School of Mechanical Science and Engineering held lecture entitled “Study on Microstructure of composite materials and its application in automobile lightweight”

Source: This web site Publish date: 2015-10-28 10:25:00

On September 23rd 2015, Zhengdong Ma, the researcher of the School of Mechanical Science, University of Michigan, held an academic report, entitled "study on micro structure of composite materials and its application in automotive lightweight". This whole lecture was hosted by Jixin Wang who was the dean of the Department of Mechanical Design and Automation. Some teachers and graduate students whose major was related to the theme of the report participated in the lecture.

During the report, Professor Zhengdong Ma thoroughly stated the basic concept of three-dimensional negative Poisson's ratio of the microstructure of the material that can be used in car / plane light crash energy absorption structure, variable elasticity and super damping connections and negative Poisson's ratio of tire / wheel etc. He introduced the related technologies of function oriented material structure design, digital automobile and automobile digital, modular software design idea and so on; He not only showed the picture of the microstructure of the material with negative Poisson’s ratio that based on 3D printing, but also introduced negative Poisson non inflated tire in detail by video, which made all the audience get a general picture of the superior performance and promising prospect of this tire.

The lecture made the audiences gain a better understanding of the new generation of automotive technology, as well as the second revolution of the wheel. After the meeting, researcher Ma communicated with the audiences positively, and showed brilliant answers to the questions that proposed by the audiences.