The School of Mechanical and Science Engineering held lecture of “Refining golden relationships”

Source: This web site Publish date: 2015-10-28 10:25:00

On May 4th 2015, at the invitation of our school, the Pennsylvania State University’s professor Benjiamin delivered a lecture, entitled “Refining golden relationships”. Professor Fansen Kong, dean of the Department of Industrial Engineering, hosted the lecture.

Based on the concept of human reliability, professor Benjiamin state its latest research trends. Furthermore, he listed lots of simple examples that almost everyone could understand. He considered that the reliability and safety of the human machine system are seriously influenced by human error, which became one of the main cause of accidents. He said that it is of great significance to study the characteristics and rules of human error, and to design the management measures for human error. Professor Becjiamin systematically introduces human cognitive behavior description, scene environment, human error identification and characterization of the human error probability quantization etc. He also put forward a series of normative or innovative methods. His brilliant report broadened audiences’ horizon, so that we can realize the latest progress of human reliability theory directly, which played an important role in promoting a better application of the theory.

After the lecture, Professor Benjiamin communicated with the audiences effectivel