Students Affairs

Source: This web site Publish date: 2015-10-28 10:25:00

By upholding, the Jilin University motto “Seek Truth, Be Innovative and Endeavor to Work for the Best", the Communist Youth League (CYL) in School of Mechanical Science and Engineering(SMSE) always persists in emphasizing on students' all-round development, and paying more attention to the quality education for the students. Let “Thought Driving, Service Supporting, Culture Revitalizing, Practice Strengthening and Propaganda Promoting" be the basic concept to take full advantage of CYL in SMSE and build a work structure with idea of “Thought, Practice, Culture and Service Education".

There are two brand activities in SMSE where the first one is scientific and technological innovation and another is social practice to train the innovative sense and practical ability of students. Many steady bases of the social practice and the graduate employment are established through above activities and then the cooperation platform of research and teaching between university and enterprises is constructed. In the past five years, summer social practice program has been developed by organizing students to visit Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Lingong Group, Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group, and other famous enterprises. Many related awards of social practice program have been obtained in SMSE, i.e. Jilin province outstanding base of social practice and unit of organizing, excellent team of volunteers who spread literacy and scientific knowledge and offer medical services to farmers, first batch of undergraduate scientific and technological innovation base and so on. Under actively planning and carefully organizing, the students in SMSE have participated in Challenge Cup of National University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition, Challenge Cup of National College Students Business Plan Competition, The National College Students' Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, The National Zhou Pei-Yuan Competition in Mechanics, Mathematical Modeling Contest and so on. In those competitions, 8 International, 40 National, 110 Provincial and 300 Scholastic Awards have obtained by SMSE.         

SMSE organize campus cultural activities in various forms. Dozens of colorful activities with topics of Love Dedication, Quality Development, Recreation, Sports and Arts, Speech and Debate, are carried out every year to offer a platform to the students who can give full play to their skills and abilities In the activities, the students broaden their horizons of knowledge, improve their quality and ability, inspire their patriotism, and enhance their sense of responsibility. The guide line of merging education into the activities and promoting education by the activities has been widely praised and achieved much success. In the past years, the student work in SMSE has been awarded for two times in "Excellent Collective of College Civilization Cup in Changchun City", for three times in” Excellent Basic Organization of Communist Youth League in Changchun City", and for eight times in " Excellent Basic Organization of Communist Youth League in Jilin University". The student work always persists in the personnel training strategy of paying attention to moral and intellectual education at the same time, emphasizing learning and practice simultaneously.           

      Relying on the scientific and effective education system with the moral education and temperament moulding, aggressive mode and scientific practice, the students are being trained to be the excellent ones with high ideological consciousness, solid basic knowledge, new thinking mode and strong practical ability. Over the years, graduates employment rate of SMSE was always higher than 95%. The college has become a steady talent base of machinery industry, and the graduates are welcomed in the enterprises. SMSE will perseveringly endeavor to work for the best to make a positive contribution to the revitalization of Old Industrial Base of Northeast China and the rapid development of China Machinery Manufacturing Industry.