Ph.d Supervisors and their Research Interests

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Mechanical Manufaturing and Automation

Wang Liding                    Design and fabrication of precision machinery


Zhao Ji                           Intelligent precision manufaturing              Precision digital manufacturing fou complex surface

                                    Micro robot and its application in engineering


Yang Zhaojun                  Reliability of CNCmachines                 Process theory,technology and equipment for complex surfaces


Zhang Lei                         Intelligent pricision manufaturing           Precision digital manufacturing for complex surface

                                     Micro robot and its application in engineering


Zhou Xiaoqin                     Advanced precision manufacturing for optics             Error compensation of precision CNC machines


Zhao Hongwei                  Micro-scale properties measuring technology and instruments for solid-state materials           Deformation and damage mechanism of solid-state materials

                                    Design and fabrication of precision machinery


Jiye Chenmeng                 Design and manufacturing of micro precision machinery     Advanced measurement and control


Yan Jiwang                      Ultra-precision manufacturing         Micro/nano manufacturing

                                     Glass molding press


Wang Liping                      Advanced manufacturing equipment and control     Parallel robotics and automation


Mechanical Design and Theory

Yang Zhigang                Micro machinery and precision machinery


Wang Guoqiang              Modern design theory and methodology              Fault diagnosis and intelligent control for engineering equipment


Zuo Chuncheng              Micro-nano-fluidic fuel and solar cells             Electric vehicles and Energy-Saving Technologie


Tan Qingchang               Machinery transmission and control             Machine vision measurement, Machine dynamics, Tribology


Ma Wenxing                 Hydraulic and automatic transmission            Intelligent control for construction machinery


Qin Sicheng                 Construction vehicle energy-saving technologies            


Cheng Kai                   Control technologies and mechanical properties of Construction      Machinery


Liu Xiaolun                   Chain transmission theory and technology       


Wang Jixin                   Digital design theory and methodology for complex mechanical         equipments

                                Construction vehicles service safety and reliability

                                Research and development of new energy vehicles and equipments




Liu Xinhui                    Fluid transmission and electro-hydraulic control           Hydraulic transmission and energy-saving control in construction machinery


Liu Shunan                   Electro-hydraulic control and energy-saving technology


Zeng Ping                   Micro-mechanical-electrical-hydraulic systems       


Gong Mingde                Mechanical and electronic transmission and control, Tele-operation robot             technology


Solid Mechanic              


Meng Guangwei            Fatigue and fracture            


Xu Tao                        Numerical methods in mechanics           Dynamic design of structures


Yao Guofeng                 Vibration control and theory technology            


Wang Liya                   Identification of nonlinear systems              Computational fluid mechanics


Gong He                      Abolished mechanics


Chen Yudong                 Mechanical structural systems, optimization of structures and the               control theory of structural vibration


Industrial Engineering


Kong Fansen                  Uncertainty and complexity in manufacturing systems            Ergonomics problems in manufacturing process


Shen Guixiang                 Research on reliability of manufacturing systems