The School of Mechanical Science and Engineering held the 6th lecture of the graduate students quality promotion plan

Source: This web site Publish date: 2015-10-28 10:25:00

On May 10th 2016, at the invitation of our school, Dongfang Wang, the professor of our school, and Huikai Xie, the professor of Department of electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Florida, delivered a lecture. Bai Wang, the deputy secretary of our school, hosted the whole lecture. Zhongrui Sui and Lan Luo, the teachers of graduate student office, and some young teachers participated in the lecture. The whole freshman class also took part in the lecture.

Processor Wang emphasized that honesty lays a solid foundation for academic research, which won the audience warmly applause.

Firstly, Professor Xie introduced the fundamental state of University of Florida, such as the geographical position, campus architecture, schools and departments, scientific achievements etc. He delivered his report entitled “Optical MEMS and Its Biomedical Applications”, then he stated his team’s latest research achievements, such as the structure of optical micro electromechanical system, material and structure of micro mirror. Furthermore, he cited examples that closely related to life to explain the application of optical MEMS in biomedical imaging. At last, Professor Xie encouraged us to work diligently on the road of academy.

Professor Bai Wang showed deep gratitude to Professor DongFang Wang and Professor Huikai Xie, then he summed up the whole lecture and hoped that every student should maintain a cautious attitude at any circumstances.